M.R. Ducks

History of MR Ducks

Once upon at time before all the crowds on the beach and all the bright lights on the streets, sometime in the early 1930s. This was a time when Ocean City had one place where the fisherman could dock and have their boats pulled for service. One evening after a long hot summer day, a few hardworking fishermen tied their boats up and were walking down the dock.

One man said to the other, “I could really enjoy a cold beer right now”. The other man replied “Me too”. And the third man said, "Wouldn’t it be great if there was a bar right here”. There it was the “Great Idea” a bar on the dock, right over the water. The three men talked about the idea the rest of the night. The next day the idea was lost, until 1982 when Mr. Lewis purchased that same property where those three men stood. He built the bar right on the dock, over the water just like the men wanted.

Now, he needed a name for this new bar. He had some good ideas, but this was going to be a special place and it needed a name to fit. Mr. Lewis remembered when he was a young man duck hunting with some good old boys from Worcester County. They were sitting in a Duck Blind when one man jumped up with his gun and said with a heavy eastern shore accent, “M. R. Ducks”. The other guy said, “M. R. Not” The first man replied, “O.S.A.R. C.M. Wangs”. The second man said, “ L.I.B. M. R. Ducks”. Then they all shot, Bang, Bang, Bang. What a great day the three men got their limit and had a delicious feast at the hunting lodge. As he remembered the story, M. R. Ducks kept ringing in his head. He thought what a great name for his new bar M. R. Ducks (translates in proper English to - them are ducks) and so it was.
The Bar was a success from the opening day. People from all over Ocean City came to drink and eat the soon to be famous bar hot dog. Another phenomenon was taking place; everyone wanted a Tee shirt like the Barmaids were wearing. It was a simple, but well thought out. It was the words M.R. Ducks with a picture of two ducks getting ready to land on the water. It was printed on a high quality shirt because it needed to stand up to wear and tear. Before the end of the second summer they could not keep the shirts in stock and had to make an order every two weeks. A year later it expanded into a full line of quality outdoor apparel and a store on the dock.
Today M. R. Ducks is still the only true dock bar in Ocean City. Fisherman, Locals and Summer vacationers all mixed together and enjoy the cool breeze on those hot summer days while enjoying great drinks and delicious food. Come visit us today, we look forward to serving you.