M.R. Ducks


Daily Food and Drink

Chicken Salad- Homemade all white Chicken Salad with onions, celery, and spices. Served in a Brioche Roll or Old Bay Wrap. $8

Fresh Catch of the Day- Tuna: Grilled or blackened. Sandwich $12, Salad $ 13, Bites $10.50

Soft shell Crab Sandwich- Hand breaded and deep fried Soft Shell served in a toasted roll. $12

Fried Catfish Basket- Hand breaded blue catfish caught fresh from the Chesapeake Bay. Served over French Fries and Coleslaw. $12

Cracker Jack Sundae- Vanilla ice cream served over cracker Jacks with a Raspberry drizzle. Topped with blue sprinkles. $4.50